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Sapphire Joust VI. Atlantia's 25th Anniversary Celebration. Bedford was on the throne.

The site was unbelievably gorgeous. Behind a tall wooden palisade was a stand of massive grandfather trees spaced far enough apart to let the moonlight dapple through. Among the sylvan clearings were the encampments of the mighty knights and households of our fair kingdom arrayed in full splendor for this most glorious tournament.

The palisade split the site, and atop it flew the standards of all the fearsome baronies, shires, cantons and strongholds of our fair kingdom. At the end flew the war banner of great Atlantia.

Our Isenfir Shire was serving lunch, and Friday was spent pitching camp and stocking the field kitchen. When the sun was setting and the chores were done, waian, de_conde and I charged our goblets with the finest of spirits, pulled our cloaks tight against the evening chill, and wandered off into the night. After making our way through the encampments coming alive with the smell of torch fuel and warming drum skins, we passed through the palisade out onto the list field.

It was a sight like no other. Great torches had been lit to illuminate the upcoming nighttime battles. Baronial pavilions lined the glowing field as war banners hung hushed in the still moonlight.

For me, it was one of the first times I caught a glimpse of the Dream. For that brief moment, walking across that dark and quiet field of combat, underneath that wooden palisade, with the limp banners tensed ready to fly on the morning breeze, I could almost imagine what it must have been like on the eve of battle in the days of knights...


I envy you.
Sapphire is, in my opinion, the best camping event in Atlantia.

I'll be missing it this year due to my work schedule, and am heartbroken.
We're going to Sapphire Joust X

...and? How was it?

August 2010

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