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Atlantian Pride

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For me, the Dream comes in short flashes, and it doesn't happen often. After all, suspending disbelief to the point where you can actually picture yourself in another time period isn't easy.

It happened at War of the Wings this weekend. I was busy getting Newcomer's Point squared away, so I didn't go to the heraldic procession. After the procession, I was walking down a dirt road, and the Atlantian cavalry was riding up the road, returning from the procession. Everyone made way for them, and that's when it happened. I caught a glimpse of the past.

It was more than a dozen horses, fully dressed and barded in their war glory, proud as can be, ridden by knights and barons just as proud. I'm sure they looked spiff in the procession, but I'm glad I got to see them as I did. It seemed more "real" somehow. They rode by us so close we could feel the ground vibrate with all the hoofbeats. We all looked at them in awe, for they were an awesome sight to behold. There, for a few precious moments, I was a commoner on a common road, making way for my nobility as it rode by in all their splendor.


Nice :-)
Wasn't it wonderful? I was fortunate to be Royal Herald this weekend and being "right in the middle" of calling the procession is right up there with my all-time favorite SCA moments. Seeing the King come riding up with his long hair flying and his wonderful Russian cloak, and the excitement of the Queen over her "pink unicorn" - it was all just magical. Even the Queen remarked, "It's my Dream come to life."
That is inspiring and wonderful. Many of us say "In service to the Dream," hoping for moments like this.
I understand! I just got back from Great Western War. I had several "dream" moments there, but one happened when a large and fully armored warband marched by singing a battle song. I loved it!
Such moments are the ones I miss terribly. Someday, SOMEDAY! I'll be able to get back and come home to the distant drums at night, and the dancing circles, and the Bardic circles, and the friends I miss so dearly.

August 2010

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